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  • Date : 2016
  • Client : NARAYAN INFRA
  • Area : PALANPOR
  • Status : Completed
  • Scale : 124246 sq.ft


Project Info

    The site is located at the canal road forming a landmark of its own, and with school, shopping mall, cricket stadium, vegetable market, and hospital in the neighborhood. Celestia villa is the new expression of luxurious residential community located in Surat. It is spread over 75348 sq.ft which enclose 50 villas. The projects objective was to create bungalows in away that all the bungalows get ample amount of open space. The layout is strategically oriented on east, west and north direction and climatically as per vastu. The community draws inspiration from modern & contemporary architecture. The villa creates rhythmic solid and void spaces in the facade and thus translates into an interesting play of light on the inside.

    The layout is oriented in such a way that it invites the cool breeze from all the open spaces. While the remaining spaces are naturally shaded during hot summer days. As one approaches the scheme they are welcomed by an impressive gate within a brick wall, cladded with stone, becoming a sculpture in itself and is reflected in the homes as well, accompanied by some metallic artworks placed at the entrance.

    The linear design of the individual units complies with the vastu rules. The natural light and cross ventilation is brought inside the homes with personal balconies and terrace gardens provided at different floors. An exposed brick wall divides the two row houses along with becoming a design element in itself. Each residence has their personal flower beds and garden area so that one feels connected to nature.