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Celebration Homes
  • Date : 2016
  • Client : UNISON GROUP
  • Area : SARTHANA
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Scale : 491543 sq.ft


Project Info

    A rectangular site with access from the Main road is sundered in two sections i.e. the periphery for the residential towers and the central portion as a common open plot area which will be visually connected from all towers. Further divisions as per the 9 Box Matrix were implemented to get light structure and increasing the voids in between the towers allowing the circulation on the brim around the towers. All the amenities provided are inwards having a beautiful view of the Landscape in the centre of the plot. The Units are designed in a proper hierarchy with the common space in-between two units and the private areas on the edges separated by the semi-private zone in between. With a common wall in between the units, all the rooms are put in such a way that they have cross-ventilation as well as visual connectivity with either the road or the garden in between.