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Western Shankeshwara Heights
  • Date : 2018
  • Client : WESTERN GROUP
  • Area : PAL
  • Status : Completed
  • Scale : 207907 sq.ft


Project Info

    This apartment captures all the excitement of city and sparkle with glittering surface, vibrant colors and exotic textures – each room has its own distinct personality.

    3BHK- flat, task to incorporate the basic need of house in limited spaces. Focusing on getting ample of space. It is then left to an architect or an interior designer to work their magic. Basic thing considered while designing interior are - form, spaces, colors and light. They open up dialogue to create relationship between – layout, utility, materials, texture – with its scale, proportion, and rhythm.

    Mix and match with minimalism. The spaces are designed with clear floor lines layering the functional spaces with light, openness and even freedom of movement. Moreover, it has sense of contemporary style in each item place inside.

    Selecting the colors, textures, fabrics, and lighting that would pursuit the desired ambience. White walls, fittings, cabinets and cupboards, off-white granite flooring through most of house, spot lighting, LED in niches in walls, come together to create a sense of space and lightness.

    The play of element start from foyer, simply wooden door with hexagonal pattern and dark shaded Italian marble. The entrance is accommonding attention. It is giving rich welcoming impact through ceiling light with geometrical slits in wooden panel. After stepping into the house, plan long wall with pattern and front wall with painting at a focal point, capture the attention .Living room is combined in harmony with minimal furniture. Ambience of the living room with luxurious concept appears inside the house using interesting idea. A stretch of blue color curtains along one wall is selected initially. As blue symbolizes- emotions, inspiration, devotion and truth, as it is healing color. The biggest concentration of blue is in living room. The furniture selected are in contrast with blue and equipped well with stylish glance. Front wall is layered with wooden veneer in supplement with blue glass to enhance the core. A cantilevered ledge attached to a wall forming part of piece of furniture that provides surface for display. At rear side of sofa the wall is imposed with dark Italian marble pattern having niches with light embedded inside to create a pleasant and devoted environment. Partition between living room and dining area are detailed with vertical wooden post linked with copper plate to create partial privacy.

    The dining area is classic and regal ambience. off-white laminate dining table with six chairs, light on wooden false ceiling, and dark background wall with hexagons pattern. The sensation of warm welcome to family.

    The kitchen, which can be viewed from dining, a greater presence within a space, minimalism is consider while designing the furniture to give contemporary touch. Green color in combination white color is used to make cabinets and black granite for platform. Green color as enhancing appearance, as color scheme.

    The ambience is quiet and cozy in bedrooms, bedroom is created by considering the blue color scheme. The furniture in such a way, to get ample space. Wooden veneer for furniture which blend with room. Master bedroom, white wash, wooden wardrobe and wooden flooring with touch of blue color has been added through black rest of bed, cushions and blanket. Guest room given touch of black and wooden veneer is used for wardrobe. To create dynamic feel of openness, the mind becomes more peaceful and relaxed.