Hindva Office
  • Date : 2015
  • Client : HINDVA GROUP
  • Area : VARACHHA
  • Status : Completed
  • Scale : 2000 sq.ft


Project Info

    A young developer’s office, having a high vision to establish in real estate in Surat. A developer is who coordinate of activities, converting ideas from paper to real property.

    Being a young developer the client, needed the planning to be done in contemporary new age glance. The objective was to make office design to reflect the collaborative culture of workspace and also it needed to be a lively, friendly, transparent space and comfortable work environment. Considering the value of organizational culture and long hour’s people spend in same environment so we have consciously tried to create different moods. This was achieved by creating spaces in interior in terms of functional requirements was fitted within the larger flow of entire space.

    To reflect an open and transparent dialogue among the office people the spaces are design, with transparent glass partitions. For facilitating team feeling increasing visibility by using contemporary glass for integration of spaces.

    The main cabin design maintains the integration of transparency and livable environment and also clear vision for communication. As developer need proper communication, as they deal with all activities together to execute in real estate.

    Contemporary touch is given to interior with modular furniture and following color scheme throughout. For enhancing ambience back wall is treated with hexagonal pattern for creating interesting shadow pattern formed from hexagon and even city skyline with embedded light, for denoting developer mindset. As developer light up the city skyline.

    Staff area is core magnet of office. All the idea come out from there so it is visibly linked and connected with all spaces. Working ambience is created by barrier free spacing planning for comfortable work environment and clear communication. Staff area periphery arranged with cabins in flow and visibly connected with all areas. For barrier free, half paneled partition between table for proper interaction and frequently work closely together on projects and for enhancing work space ambience bright color like blue, green, orange are used. As this colors are stimulating physically and emotional for creating working environment more comfortable.

    For casual discussion, discussion table is design between staff and main cabin forming frame like envelope for easily communication.

    Entrance lobby is design keeping in mind vision travel directly on logo as focal point with forming narrow path towards working area. Wall of lobby is embedded with inspirational words and end up with library to give inspirational touch to office interior and open up into work area which is formed by mixture of color, organize culture, play with materials, flow of spaces to form comfortable and lively environment.