• Date : 2018
  • Area : VESU
  • Status : Completed
  • Scale : 2500 sq.ft


Project Info

    Traipsing on the tropical footmarks of Surat, the office is designed in an exquisite fabric displaying organization’s professional ethos elaborately in its design and layout.

    Being a sophisticated structural design with modern and sleek interior elements, it gives a practical shape to the concept of a creative office space. The project provides its workforce a green adobe, a place that is crafted to create an accrual aesthetical and functional composition with state-of-the-art technologies.

    See-through glass façade not just makes the office look deluxe, it also distinguishes interiors from the exhausting exteriority. Transparency thus, blends the atmosphere in and around. External outfit nestles terrace garden with sitting corners executed using contemporary materials such as zinc and stone fashioned around vertical greens. Planters with pillars mirage with wooden touch contrasts with the artificial metallic and glass façade.

    Bringing the outdoors inside, this office building is designed with simplicity and fabricated according to the comfort of its workforce and clients.