The Laurels
  • Date : 2017
  • Area : VESU
  • Status : Completed
  • Scale : 20000 sq.ft


Project Info

    Library is specifically designed with the play of different colors. The idea of giving more vibrant & living atmosphere can be depicted in furniture like, rectangular open book shelve- with solid color effects, fancy chair & other sittings.

    The indoor game zone is particularly designed with aluminium profile fins. On the other side of wall there is a wall arranged with - famous Mario video game's character blocks made from MDF with blue painted background wall, to make place more interesting.The indoor game zone is having different placement for snooker, table tennis, carum kind of games.

    The flooring of gym is made from EPDM material with blue & black color combination, while the ceiling is covered with acoustic panels with the combination of green, black & white colors & on the other side there's waffle ceiling for a change. The walls are fixed with mirror on it, to make the space more spacious. Moreover the gym is consisting Jakuzi, Rest room, Reception cum waiting area kind of facilities.