Farm Ville
  • Date : 2018
  • Area : NARTHAN
  • Status : Completed
  • Scale : 5448 sq.ft


Project Info

    The idea of transforming a conventional farmhouse design into a habitable place where the younger generations could connect with culture, recreating the nostalgia of space that the older generation had grown up in. An experiential house rather than a mere home composition is created with use of modernistic materials and geometric triangular shapes, in a diverse way symbolizing strong cultural roots.

    A meandering pathway leads to Farmville through breezy and shaded trees, echoing the love for nature. The coyrtyards connecting to the upper floor with blissful staircase and then connecting to the explicitly designed home theater is the key of the house.

    Thus, the use of long-established traditional features like hand painted walls, niches, wooden furniture, brass and wooden doors, ionic columns and kota stone with modern day materials and textures like marble, colored stones and wooden flooring gives the farm house a contemporary outlook.