Our company story


Award Winning Architecture Firm

ADDA is a team of individuals with distinct ideologies coming together. Their strength lies in the ability to conceive master planning, architecture, interior and landscape design with strong conceptual unity and clarity.

Dhaval Shah, Mayank Parekh and Kaushal Laheri, ADDA founders and college friends, were just like any other architects with big dreams and aspirations to work together using their experience of architectural training at different firms. Established in 2011, the team of three started doing projects with limited opportunities at hand, gradually growing into a larger team structure.

Developing innovative design solutions that are contextual, creating spaces that focus on the experiential value and experimenting with material aspects of a project while still contributing to sustainability, form the firm’s design philosophy.

Showcasing creative freedom in small to large scale projects, pushing forward to large scale spaces, they have always been very selective in their clientele and design outreach. Having a niche in innovative space design with years of delivering luxurious and high-end projects, team ADDA aspires to work on much larger projects pan India, focusing their design style inclining on a vision more towards green buildings.

SQ.FT. Designed


ADDA is a congregation of three individuals each excelling in different aspects of design with different ideologies of designing honest and innovative habitats for the fellowmen. The congregation believes in providing a disciplined alliance to the clients to execute their projects to the best of their aspirations and expectations. The cofounders have always communicated through their design, being each other’s critiques and bringing out the best in themselves. Everyone at ADDA is always open to new innovative ideas and eager to experiment with new technologies and materials to get better results every time.

H = Habitat

We put in our best efforts to design aesthetically functional spaces along with respecting the contextual and social surroundings, and providing a better lifestyle for all.

D = Dynamic

The young team ADDA always comes up with new ideas and embraces the challenges that it brings along in its execution. We have always believed in “change is the only constant” and try to evolve with the ever changing scenarios.

D = Discipline

A properly structured framework is followed which starts with understanding the requirements of the clients to identifying the site and coming up with an innovative concept and getting it executed in the expected time.

S = Sustainable

Emphasis is laid on green building architecture and intensive research is done to achieve the individualistic sustainability parameters for respective projects. A Conscious approach towards an ecological, economical and social sustainability is reflected through our designs.